The artist lives in Mexico City, where her work contributes to the growth and diversity of the contemporary art initiatives which identify Mexico nowadays. Her art is mainly characterized by two unique concepts through which the artist leaves her personal mark: the first one is the representation of Mexican culture and traditions.

This has not only made her art very colorful but has also given her the opportunity to show illustrative aspects of her country in a way that allows the public to give Mexico a closer look. The second one is the hidden symbols and elements in her art. Through them, she includes some of the main features of the places or subjects she is representing, inviting the public to truly engage in observing the art, making them discover fascinating hidden figures that will reveal the truth of what the artist is really trying to communicate.

Using an acrylic technique combined with different textures and materials which turn into art, Mexican folklore becomes tangible, always with a fresh and colorful style that allows her art to provide a lively Mexican experience to the observer.

Even when Lourdes lived and learned a lot about art and painting in foreign countries such as England, Australia, the United States, and Italy; the artist, through her career, wants to represent Mexican culture around the world, showing the cultural wealth, great diversity and natural beauty that characterizes her country.



El Jaguar, llamado también “Balaam o Chaac”, ha sido históricamente considerado un símbolo de poder.

La calavera

La calavera es una de los símbolos más característicos de México y es utilizada como representación del día de muertos.

Mariposa Guerrera

Las orugas deben pasar por un proceso de metamorfosis para poder convertirse en mariposas.

El ave del paraíso

El ave del paraíso es una flor que asemeja un pájaro emprendiendo el vuelo.

Somos Leyenda nace de las ganas de retomar y transmitir lo que Lourdes siempre intenta expresar con su arte: un profundo amor a México. Por eso queremos llevar su expresión al día a día de nuestra gente de una manera especial. Tómate el tiempo de acercarte y leer lo que cada una de estas leyendas cuenta para ti.