The Rabbit and the Pineapple

Many of us know that pineapple is a very popular fruit in Mexico and that, in addition to a great flavor, it has good nutritional properties. Legend has it that when a rabbit was walking through the rainforest, he came across a flower that was beginning to grow. The first few months, the rabbit did not identify what was growing in the center of that rare flower, but after a while, he noticed that the flower was growing fruit with thorns. Being curious, he reached out and touched the flower, but its thorns hurt him, so he ran away scared. Despite this, the rabbit wandered around curiously to observe the growth of the pineapple, but he did so from a distance due to his prior experience with it. When at last the fruit grew so much that its weight made it fall from the plant, the rabbit got closer and was brave enough to try it, since he was very hungry. Carefully, he tasted the pineapple and was surprised to discover its delicious taste and how much energy he felt afterward. Lively, he realized that it was actually very good and that the reason it hurt him before, was because the pineapple was going through a process of growth in order to reach maturity.

Let this legend remind us that when someone hurts us at some point in our lives, it does not mean they are bad people, it may simply be that we crossed paths in times of growth and change, which may sometimes be complicated. May this legend teach us to be sympathetic and to know how to forgive, to be able to enjoy and value all the good that others can offer us.

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El Jaguar, llamado también “Balaam o Chaac”, ha sido históricamente considerado un símbolo de poder.

La calavera

La calavera es una de los símbolos más característicos de México y es utilizada como representación del día de muertos.

Mariposa Guerrera

Las orugas deben pasar por un proceso de metamorfosis para poder convertirse en mariposas.

El ave del paraíso

El ave del paraíso es una flor que asemeja un pájaro emprendiendo el vuelo.

Somos Leyenda nace de las ganas de retomar y transmitir lo que Lourdes siempre intenta expresar con su arte: un profundo amor a México. Por eso queremos llevar su expresión al día a día de nuestra gente de una manera especial. Tómate el tiempo de acercarte y leer lo que cada una de estas leyendas cuenta para ti.