Our brand is based on the art of Lourdes Villagómez, to tell the legend behind each art. Legends that integrate elements representative of Mexican culture and tradition and is always very colorful, recalling the joy and intensity that characterizes the culture of our country.

Each one of our jackets is a unique piece since they were drawn by Lourdes and hand-embroidered by artisans from Tulancingo, México.


In our backpacks, Lourdes created with dedication and color the art behind our legends, to follow the little ones on every adventure.




El Jaguar, llamado también “Balaam o Chaac”, ha sido históricamente considerado un símbolo de poder.

La calavera

La calavera es una de los símbolos más característicos de México y es utilizada como representación del día de muertos.

Mariposa Guerrera

Las orugas deben pasar por un proceso de metamorfosis para poder convertirse en mariposas.

El ave del paraíso

El ave del paraíso es una flor que asemeja un pájaro emprendiendo el vuelo.
Somos Leyenda was born from the desire to transfer what Lourdes always express with her art: A Deep Love for Mexico. Therefore, we want to bring her expression to the daily life of our people in a special way. Take the time to get closer and read what each of these legends tells you.